Do Deer Eat These: Herbs

If you’re a property owner who appreciates native plants that bring a touch of wild beauty to your landscape, Hierba de Zorros, scientifically known as Ceratostigma plumbaginoides, might have found a place in your garden.

If you’re an avid gardener and love the aroma and flavor of fresh herbs, you may be considering adding Basils to your garden. These aromatic herbs are known for their culinary uses and delightful fragrance.

Wild Basils: The Aromatic Guard of Your Garden When it comes to landscaping, property owners know the challenge deer can pose to maintaining a lush garden. Wild Basils (Clinopodium vulgare), with their vibrant leaves and

When it comes to landscaping, the majestic Silver Sage (Salvia argentea) adds a touch of resilience and elegance. Property owners who appreciate the velvety texture and striking appearance of Silver Sages may wonder about their

Will Deer Target Your Smokey Sage? Gardening Insights Smokey Sage, appreciated for its aromatic foliage and dusky blooms, is a garden staple for many. The concern for gardeners is whether this attractive herb will draw

Chicories and Their Allure to Deer: What Gardeners Should Know Chicories, with their bright blue flowers and bitter leaves, offer both beauty and culinary interest to gardens. However, those cultivating chicories often question their vulnerability

Do Deer Fancy Fennel? Insights for Gardeners Fennel, with its feathery foliage and aromatic seeds, is a unique addition to any garden. However, those cultivating this herb might question whether it’s at risk from deer

If you’ve put substantial effort into your garden or landscape, you may wonder about the types of plants that could be at risk from local wildlife. One question we often hear is: Do deer eat

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