Don't Let Deer Detract
From the Work You Do

Let Deer Solution Be Your Partner

Healthy Trees with Deer Solution Repellent

Do You Struggle With:

  • Finishing a job only, to have upset customers calling you because the deer have eaten their plants?
  • Wanting to help your customers with deer control without having to deal with the hassle of doing it yourself?
  • Finding new ways to increase your monthly revenue?

Do you have this problem?

How Deer Solution Can Help

Deer Solution specializes in deer damage protection (it’s all we do), and you can rest assured that your customers’ landscapes will be protected by our Certified Deer Damage experts, keeping them satisfied and raving about your work to all their friends.

Deer Repellent Solution guy spraying repellent

When you recommend our service, your customer becomes one of our customers. Not only do we promise to take great care of them, but we promise to provide an excellent product to help protect their plants from the deer, all while you get to be the hero for recommending us.

When you become a professional partner, you will earn a 10% referral commission for any customer you bring us. We’ll even help you to promote the service with customized marketing material for you to share as well as educational material for your customers.

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We get it - we want our customers to be happy too.

So many landscaping companies struggle to keep customers happy even when the circumstances are out of their control.


Deer Solution works hard to make sure our professional partners know they can trust us to provide exceptional deer damage protection for their customers. With over 40 years in the deer control industry, and a 4.7 rating on, we know what is takes to get the job done. When you recommend our services, you can be sure that your customers will thank you.

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The Issue

Customers spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on beautiful landscaping which gets devastated be deer, leaving them frustrated and angry.  


This may become a reflection of your work, with the potential for you to lose jobs that you might have secured had the landscape remained lush and healthy.

What We Do

Solve your client’s deer damage problems. A Deer Solution Deer Damage Expert™ will come out and provide a FREE in-person property evaluation and service estimate.


Your client will be exceedingly pleased you recommended

Deer Solution-Repellent Service

Happy family in a healthy front yard

Already Provide Deer Control?

Find out how you can free up your time, while still making money, by having Deer Solution-Repellent Service take care of your existing clients. More money, no hassle, and with virtually no effort. Find out how easy it can be. Call or text 862-305-4999 to learn how to become a partner.

Benefits For You

As a Deer Solution-Repellent Service partner you will receive an ongoing monthly commission for every client that signs up for service from your referral.

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Learn How You Can Earn A Monthly Commission

Call or text our professional partner hotline at 862-305-4999 or fill out the form at the top. Contact us today and learn more.

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