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Account Terms and Conditions

Updated: 05/13/2024 – DEER SOLUTION® – Repellent Service

By approving service, accepting service, or making payment, you the account owner (the “Customer”) or his/her/its agent agree to these Terms and Conditions that are part of the agreement of service to be performed by DEER SOLUTION.

1. Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: DEER SOLUTION has always been committed to providing the highest quality Deer Damage Control services. Because you and your property are important to us, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our services. This guarantee means if you are not completely satisfied with our services, we will work until you are satisfied or remove your last monthly charge, at our option. To properly address any issues and for this 100% satisfaction guarantee to apply, we need to be notified in writing within two weeks from the date of the application or service call. We will not be liable for any plant damages or losses for any reason. Customers that request 2 or more service calls or re-applications may be required to upgrade their service.

2. Property Access: DEER SOLUTION and their employees, agents, and subcontractors need reasonable access to the property for the purpose of performing services. The property should be kept clear of all known and potential hazards and the Customer is responsible to remove such hazards from the property. All pets should be kept out of the work area on the property during service.

3. Finance Charges and Overdue Balances: 1) Invoices are due within 30 days from the invoice date. All balances overdue are subject to a finance charge of 1.5% per month from invoice date with a minimum charge of $2.50 per month. 2) Overdue Balances, 45 days or more from time of service or installment date, may be automatically charged to the credit card on file. 3) Any fees incurred by DEER SOLUTION, associated with the collection of overdue balances, are the responsibility of the account owner and will be added to the amount due.

4. Returned Check and Credit Card Charge Policy: In the event that your check is returned unpaid, your account will be charged the payment amount plus a $30 return charge and any fees DEER SOLUTION incurs. In the event that you dispute a Credit Card charge your account will be charged the payment amount plus a $30 return charge and any fees DEER SOLUTION incurs. You allow DEER SOLUTION to update your Credit Card information when any part of it has changed.

5. Prepay Offer and Price Increases: Any prepay offer or prepayment made is based on an estimated price for twelve months of service. A prepay offer or prepayment will apply a promotional prepay credit to your account. If a prepayment is refunded, in part or in full, the promotional prepay credit will be removed. Prices may change based on program changes, changes in landscape, changes in or discontinuation of promotions or discounts, annual price increase, or any other reason. If prices change, a prepayment and promotional credit may cover fewer services.

6. Service Renewal & Cancellation: Your service will continue from year to year and subject to an annual price increase, until canceled. To cancel service please settle any outstanding balance and notify us in writing. Services that have been prepaid are subject to receive no refund.

7. Media: DEER SOLUTION may take non-identifying photographs or video of service areas for documentation, training, and promotion without remuneration or payment to the Customer.

8. Reservation of Rights: DEER SOLUTION reserves the right without prior notice to the Customer to: 1) Accept, refuse, or discontinue any service or lease at any time for any reason. 2) Change programs, pricing, terms, and these Account Terms and Conditions.

9. Consumer and Program Information: Consumer Information Notices, Program Information, Product Labels, and Product Material Safety Data Sheets are available on request or located at:

10. Limitations on Offers: 

  • Promotional Offers are available in current service areas only and limited to one per person and one per property. An in-person consultation may be required in connection with a promotional offer and a promotional offer may require signing up for a service plan or additional services unless otherwise stated in the promotional offer.
  • Customer Referral Credits are available to customers in good standing. Professional Partners are not eligible. Customers that are part of a special group promotion (e.g., an HOA) are not eligible for referrals within that group. Applies to new referrals only. The referring customer will receive a credit to their account after the referral becomes a customer and makes their first payment. Any attempt to abuse the Customer Referral program by engaging in fraudulent activities will result in the forfeiture of any earned credits and possible termination of the customer’s account. The decision to award or not award a Customer Referral Credit rests solely at our discretion and is final.
  • Credits from Promotional Offers and Customer Referral Credits cannot be exchanged for cash.

11. Phone Contact Information: By providing DEER SOLUTION with your phone number, you consent to be contacted via SMS text, an automatic telephone dialing system, or pre-recorded or artificial voice regarding your account and services, including without limitation, current and future services, customer service, billing, and promotions including after cancellation of your service. This applies even if you cancel your service with DEER SOLUTION. Providing your cellphone number is optional.

12. Customer’s Remedies/Limitation of Liability: DEER SOLUTION is not responsible for any special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from their services or treatments, except for intentional misconduct or gross negligence. DEER SOLUTION’s liability for damages to the Customer will not exceed the payments received for services or treatments. DEER SOLUTION will under no circumstances have liability to the Customer for plant damages or losses.

13. Governing Law/Severability: These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state in which the Customer’s property that is subject to the service call or treatment is located. If any part of these Account Terms and Conditions is determined to be invalid or unenforceable, it will not impact any other provision of these Terms and Conditions, all of which will remain in full force and effect.

14. Waiver of Jury Trial: DEER SOLUTION and the Customer waive any right to a jury trial in any action or proceeding involving a claim or dispute related to or arising from DEER SOLUTION’s performance of any services or treatment.

15. Contacting Us: To contact by mail, please use the return address on your invoice. To contact by phone or email please use: 888-503-8313 and [email protected]

16. Updated Terms and Conditions: We may revise these Account Terms and Conditions at any time without notice to the Customer. Customers, Accounts, Account Owners, and Serviced Properties Holders, are agreeing to be bound by the then current version of these Account Terms and Conditions. For an up to date copy of these terms and conditions and other consumer information, please visit:

Each Deer Solution location is Independently Owned and Operated.