Deer Solution Earns Recognition as a 2024 FranServe Fran-tastic Brand

A Deer Solution technician enhancing the protection of home landscaping.

In an exhilarating announcement, Deer Solution has been honored as one of the prestigious 2024 FranServe Fran-tastic Brands, a distinction that highlights the best and most supportive franchises in the industry. This award celebrates franchises that not only excel in business practices but also empower their franchisees to take charge of their futures through successful business ownership.

Deer Solution, known for its innovative approaches in the service sector, has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to its franchisees, offering extensive support and resources that ensure their growth and success. This recognition by FranServe Inc., a leader in franchise consultancy and expansion, underscores Deer Solution’s dedication to responsible and ethical franchising.

Alesia Visconti, CEO and President of FranServe Inc., remarked on the significance of the award: “Franchising helps people change their lives, and we see that every day! So many people don’t know that franchising is made up of small business owners — the business model truly celebrates entrepreneurs and business growth. Brands that make the 2024 ‘FranServe Fran-tastic Brands’ list value people taking control of their future through business ownership.”

The FranServe Fran-tastic Brands award is not just a testament to a company’s success in fostering a strong business network but also to its role in building a community of empowered entrepreneurs. Deer Solution’s inclusion in this esteemed list marks a significant achievement, highlighting its role as a leader in fostering entrepreneurial spirit and community building within the franchising industry.

Deer Solution’s proactive approach in supporting its franchisees includes providing them with the necessary tools, training, and ongoing support to navigate the challenges of business ownership. This holistic support system is pivotal in helping franchisees thrive and is a core reason why Deer Solution has been singled out for this impressive accolade.

As the franchising community continues to grow, Deer Solution’s recognition as a FranServe Fran-tastic Brand sets a benchmark for other franchises to aspire to. It serves as a reminder that at the heart of successful franchising is the empowerment and support of individual franchise owners.
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Deer Solution is a locally owned and operated deer damage control business. Deer Solution’s all-natural proprietary repellent is family, pet and environmentally friendly. Its pleasant-smelling repellent dries virtually clear and odor-free and won’t harm the plants or deer. For more information on Deer Solution repellent services for your home or workplace, visit To find out more about the franchise opportunity, visit

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