Deer Solution Franchising Holds Annual Conference

Parsippany, NJ – Deer Solution Franchising held their annual conference with franchisees last month to welcome them to their new headquarters location and discuss the future of the company.

“It was exhilarating to welcome everyone to our new location and – essentially – home,” said Kris Goodrich, co-founder of Deer Solution and CEO of R3volution Brands. “Having everyone under one roof is always exciting and we look forward to seeing them again in the future.”

The conference kicked off on January 30, 2024.

Kicking Off the Conference

Everyone arrived at the R3volution Brands, the parent company of Deer Solution, headquarters where they were welcomed by a speech from Kris Goodrich about exciting new updates within the company. 

Afterward, franchisees were given a tour of the new office while meeting the team behind the scenes, including those working on creatives, IT, and the Solution Center.

“We moved into this new office at the beginning of January,” said Ben Goodrich, COO of Deer Solution and R3volution Brands. “It’s been a pleasure to have everyone experience the new office and get insight into what’s going on and how we are operating our side of the business.”

During the conference, franchisees attended different sessions focusing on different aspects of the brand. One highlight was software support led by the Director of Training and Support at Deer Solution, Brian Lee. He answered any questions the franchisees had and guided them through the online store, showcasing new promotional and marketing material from the company.

“We are always here to answer their questions,” said Lee. “We want to make sure they succeed because when they do, we all do.”

Franchisees also had an opportunity to check out the newly selected uniforms for the brand. Ensuring the needs of the franchisees are met, these new uniforms were chosen with not only various state regulations in mind but also to accommodate various weather-related needs. Most importantly, the new uniforms are more streamlined and professional-looking than the previous look.

“Our customers want to know who’s coming to protect their landscape, and we want them to know that when they pick Deer Solution, they are picking a professional and trusted name,” said Jaime Goodrich, Director of Communications and Brand for R3volution Brands.

Franchisees additionally had the opportunity to gather for an in-person Mastermind Meeting, where they discussed personal and professional goals for 2024.

Making Connections

One of the goals of this year’s conference was to continue developing the relationships and connections between franchisees and team members at the franchisor level. Deer Solution believes it’s important as a brand to build a solid relationship between franchisees and the company, especially on a business and personal level, so dinner and drinks were the perfect opportunity to do just that. 

“I think we all enjoyed having a great dinner and even better conversations,” said Kris Goodrich. “It was nice to ease down the business talk and see how everyone is doing personally.”

Hitting the Expo

After an exciting first day, franchisees joined the corporate location, Deer Solution of Northern NJ, at the Total Pro Expo in Edison, New Jersey to get hands-on experience in how to build their network. They practiced introductions, conversations, and pitches, and had an opportunity to “man the booth” at the event.

The Total Pro Expo is attended by gardeners, landscapers, pest control, and other professionals in the agriculture industry.

“We love going to these expos because it gives our franchisees hands-on experience, and lets them also take what they have learned and incorporate it into their business back at home,” said Jaime Goodrich.

Franchisees also used the opportunity to walk around the event learning about other businesses and brainstorming who and how to do outreach in their communities.

About Deer Solution

Deer Solution is a locally owned and operated deer damage control business. Deer Solution’s all-natural proprietary repellent is family, pet, and environmentally friendly. Its pleasant-smelling repellent dries virtually clear and odor-free and won’t harm the plants or deer. For more information on Deer Solution repellent services for your home or workplace, visit To find out more about the franchise opportunity, visit

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