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Protect your beautiful landscape from Deer Damage

Deer Solution® - Repellent Service. The solution to your deer damage problem.™ Give yourself the freedom to plant a wider assortment of shrubs and flowers in your yard. We are serving NJ, NY, PA, DE, MD.

Our Certified Deer Damage Experts™ create and implement a plan to protect your flowers and shrubs from deer damage. We back our service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our repellents are all natural and chemical free.

Deer damage has become a serious issue for homeowners over the past several decades. Land development and unchecked population growth have brought deer into our backyards to live. Home landscapes provide the perfect environment with lush foliage for foraging and shelter.

About Deer Solution®

Specializing in Deer Damage Control

We do not offer any other service, just deer damage control. This allows us to focus and provide the best protection possible. We have it down to a science.

Ongoing Deer Control Research

We pride ourselves on being the best we can be. With ongoing testing and development of new deer control methods and repellents we can offer the best possible protection service. We have developed professional repellents, comprehensive repellent programs, as well as advanced systems like our E-Repellent System™. This allows us to create tailored service plans that work best for you and your landscape.

Tailored Service For Your Landscape

We tailor repellent applications and their timing to the plantings in your landscape and deer pressure in your area. Our regular Program provides one application per month. For landscapes with heavy to extreme deer pressure we have a Repellent Plus Service and an E-Repellent System™ that no one else has.

Keep in mind, deer are wild animals and under extreme circumstances there is nothing you can do to completely stop them. Our deer repellent service with one application per month is over 95% effective providing great protection. Properties with extreme deer pressure may need more than one application per month which requires an upgraded program, please contact us for further information or details.

No Hassle and No Fuss Programs

We don't charge you per application. When you sign up for service we will charge you once for each month of protection. We really keep things simple. Please ask us for more details on your specific needs and programs.

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What people say about our service.

I have been struggling with deer damage for years and could not find a solution that worked until I found DEER SOLUTION!

Tom P.

Oakland, NJ

The spray I was using smelled bad for days. Now we can enjoy our backyard again.

John S.

Plainsboro, NJ

DEER SOLUTION always takes the time to answer any of my questions regarding my plantings and always does a thorough job.

Jeanine T.

Livingston, NJ