It is generally vegetation dominated by bushes / shrubs (e.g. blackthorn and hawthorn) with many stems, perhaps reaching to a height of 12 / 15 feet – so that some sort of canopy develops. Many scrub plants are pioneer species, which grow fast and can colonise open habitats quite rapidly.

Do deers eat shrubs?

What measures can be taken to protect areas with abundant scrub from deer overconsumption?

Yes, deer do eat shrubs. They are known to consume a wide range of plants and while landscape shrubs are not their preferred choice, deer might still consume them when their natural food sources are scarce, especially during cold winters. Deer can cause significant damage to shrubs and small trees in these circumstances.

Several shrubs and flowering plants have been identified as resistant to deer, meaning they aren’t the favorite choice for these creatures. However, if food becomes scarce, deer might still attempt to consume these plants.

It’s essential to remember that specific deterrents can keep deer away from plants. Fences, for example, have been suggested as one of the most effective ways to protect gardens from deer.

Check these examples down below, who knows, you might have some of their favorites in your garden!

Shrubs​​ Shrubs​​ Shrubs​​ Shrubs​​ Shrubs​​ Shrubs​​
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These tend to be medium-sized plants, often used for hedges and borders.​

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Plantain Lillies

Hosta (Plantain Lily) is a genus of shade tolerant perennial plants widely cultivated for their incredible elegance and colorful leaves.

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These plants live for a single season, and need to be replanted each year.

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These are long-lived plants which bloom over many seasons.​

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These large, typically long-lived plants can provide shade, fruit, or beautiful blossoms.​

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From herbs to fruits to vegetables, edible plants can be a practical and rewarding addition to your garden.​

Your Next Steps

Now equipped with targeted information and guidance, take action now and prevent deer damage to your plants. Choose the natural option of spray on deer repellent that would not affect your plant’s growth.


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