What is deer damage?

This is perhaps the most important question we can answer on this blog.

Obviously people know what deer damage is… it is damage to your landscapes and gardens that is caused by deer. The question really is: how do I identify it?

Signs of deer damage are easier to recognize than you’d think. Neatly trimmed or bitten off branches, and favorite plants being eaten to the ground are all signs of deer damage.

Below you will find photographs of various plants and shrubs with deer damage.

This hosta has been munched on by the deer. Notice that entire leaves are gone. Sometimes the plants will be eaten right to the ground.
The tops of these tulips have been eaten by deer. This is also common with roses as well.
Notice the browse line on this hedge of arborvitae. The deer will eat as high as they can reach across the whole row.

In addition to the above pictures, you can also look for:

  • trampled plants
  • piles of pebble-sized droppings
  • torn leaves
  • stripped branches

If you are seeing any of these signs of deer damage, call the professionals at Deer Solution (TM) for your free, no obligation quote! 888-503-8313

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